Our Process

Initial Consultation – The initial consultation lays the groundwork for the whole project. We’ll discuss what you want to achieve, the scope of the project, your budget, and our flexible fee options.

Conceptual Design – To create the foundation of the project, we create an accurate floor plan and inventory your furniture and accessories, so we can work together to choose the pieces to keep, redo, or replace. And, of course, we’ll talk about your style and color preferences, special uses for the space, and other details that will make it your space.

Design Development – Armed with what we’ve learned, we will develop a complete design scheme, including a defined color palette; space plan; and furniture, fabric, finish, and fixture selections.

Presentation – We want you to “see” your marvelous new space before we even begin, so we’ll help you visualize it through drawings and photographs, elevations, and samples such as paint colors, tiles, wallcoverings, faux finishes, and fabrics.

Implementation – An additional benefit of working with Anita's Designs is that we’re insiders. We know who manufactures quality products, which contractors provide superior work at reasonable prices, and where to get unusual or hard-to-find items. We’ll take you on special shopping trips designed around your unique needs and budget.

Installation – We are personally invested in the success of your project. We’ll be on hand to help you review the work of painters, carpenters, tile installers, electricians, plumbers, furniture delivery teams, and other trades that may be working within your home.

Quality Review – Details are important. Before anyone signs off on your project, we will review the “punch list” we develop for each installation. This is an inventory of everything we planned to do (or change) in order to meet our initial design goals.

Project Closeout – Once the punch list is complete, we’ll have one final consultation to make sure you’re happy with everything we’ve done and that we’ve met or exceeded your initial expectations. Then it’s time to sit back and savor the made-for-you-alone ambience that we’ve created together.