About Anita

Anita Morris is the Best Selling Author of “STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials that Lead to Purpose.” She understands the difficult issues women encounter when faced with devastating life trials. As one who has experienced devastation in her own life, childhood issues and feelings of inadequacy, she has learned, first hand, the potential that life’s storms have to usher one into God’s purpose.


After walking through a series of steps in the midst and aftermath of her own storms that led to healing and purpose, she has developed a 4-STEP process to help other women overcome their own personal trials through faith and action.


Anita brings a message of hope, perseverance, and triumph. She invites women all over the world to take the STEP.


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Captivating Audiences, Transforming Lives, In-Person & Virtually

Signature Speaking Topic

As a women’s encouragement leader and influencer, Anita uses her own personal experiences to captivate and reach the hearts of audiences. In her signature message, STEP Into It, she provides practical steps they can implement to help promote healing and restoration in the midst and aftermath of their own personal trials. After listening to her speak, women are moved to action, implementing the tools she promotes in her 4-STEP process of healing. Anita inspires audiences to reach beyond merely overcoming the storms of life. She says that when you allow yourself to STEP into the journey, something far greater than overcoming takes place — transformation.


"The atmosphere was electric with the presence of God from the moment she stepped into the room of eagerly awaiting women. She spoke with authority, authenticity and from practical experience. My favorite part of her presentation was when she brought out her devotion basket. She had a visual aid to show her sisters-in-Christ how easy it is to be prepared "
Barbara Hosler
"I'm still in awe trying to find words, Anita. I have not come back to my routine yet. I am really still there in my mind. I just know something incredible happened. Hearts were touched, thoughts were challenged, God showed up in such a mighty way and came through you to bless so many women, and so many hurting hearts who needed to hear your message of how you are going through. And how we can too!
Sheila Simpson
“I find it difficult to put into words what you did for me and I am sure for the many other ladies that attended the DWCC Women’s Retreat... After you told us that the storms would come, you gave us a prescription for real living, but rooted in Christ and the word of God. You broke it down for us so we could clothe ourselves in it.”
Beverly Sneed


Based on her Best Selling Book, STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials that Lead to Purpose, Anita delivers a 2 – 3 day experience where she introduces her 4-STEP process to overcoming personal trials. Women walk away with an understanding of how to STAND in their faith, TRUST the Sovereignty of God, ENDURE their trials with grace, and PROCEED to God’s purpose.

Anita brings heart and passion to your event.

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