Find a Wireless Doorbell

For this category, a wireless doorbell is defined from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver. A radio signal passes a signal from the triggered transmitter (wireless doorbell push button) and the wireless doorbell receiver. If you are a business owner and want something high-powered, look at our store door chime category. A significant advantage of wireless chimes is the expandability of adding more push buttons and receivers to expand the system throughout your home or office.

Plug in Doorbells and Battery Operated Doorbells

Wireless Door Chimes typically come in one of two flavors; plug in doorbells or battery operated doorbells. All wireless door chimes in this category use wireless push buttons (battery-operated). A wireless radio signal is sent to the chime receiver when a visitor pushes the button.

Battery Operated Doorbells:

A battery operated doorbell uses alkaline or lithium batteries to power it. In most cases, the battery life is long-lasting (2-3 years) because doorbells aren’t typically triggered very much daily. Most of the longer-range wireless chimes use a more powerful lithium battery for store doorbell use. Some of the battery operated door chimes, such as the LRA-D1000, are battery-operated by default and have an optional plug for power. Another example of a battery operated door bell that can also use a plug is the

Plug in Doorbells:

A plug-in doorbell or plugs into a standard wall outlet. Many models like the ERA-RXPG, LRA-DCRXS, and the RC3260, for example, have prongs directly on the back of the chime unit, while some use a plugin transformer with a cord.

We carry both models with plug-in & battery-operated receivers and specialty chimes that are longer-range doorbells, doorbells with flashing lights, and more. Wireless door chimes are used synonymously with the term wireless doorbell

When purchasing a wireless doorbell, the critical thing to remember is that the wireless push buttons and receivers only work within the brand’s eco-system.  For example, if you see the popular “ERA” series by Safeguard Supply, all the wireless push buttons and doorbell receivers work together. 

The wireless range of your chime, plugins, and battery powered door bells is also an essential factor to consider. The range as shown on the website, is the laboratory-tested range. Real-world environmental factors will reduce the signal. For example, a concrete-poured wall could cut the signal by 40%-50%, while interior walls tend to cut the signal by 10%-20%. A 150ft range will probably work if you have a small home. If you have a large home or business, a 1,000 ft. range wireless doorbell should suffice. A large business, warehouse, or retail store will need a plug-in doorbell from the ERA series with a range of up to 4,000 ft.

How to Select the Right Wireless Doorbell Product for Your Needs

You need to know several factors before selecting the right wireless products. The best thing you can do is call us; we would be happy to help you. Below are some items you need to consider when choosing your chime.

Step 1: Determine the wireless chime range you need.

The most important thing to consider is the distance from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver (speaker). Most manufacturers publish a range when tested in ideal environments, which usually means line-of-site and no interference. Any walls will diminish the signal by 20%-30%.

  • Standard chimes have a range of up to 150 ft. For standard chimes, you should feel comfortable selecting any of the products in the plug-in or battery-operated products.
  • Long-range chimes: have distances up to 5,000 ft. (depending on the model).  We have a good article you can read regarding long-range chimes.
Step 2: Are there any special requirements, such as a need for a doorbell for the hard of hearing?
  • We covered long-range chimes above, but we would also consider that a specialty type of chime.  If so, we recommend you select the long-range category.
  • If you are hard of hearing or in a loud environment, you might want to consider a wireless chime with some visual indicator.  For standard chimes, we have the WC180 flashing chime.  If you need a long-range chime and a flashing light, there are two choices, the DC-1000, with a range of 1,000 ft., and the WDK-ERA-STROBE, which has a range of up to4000 ft.  You can also choose the RC4120, compatible with other Carlon chimes, for a standard chime with a visual indicator.
Step 3: Battery Operated Doorbell or plug-in Doorbell?
  • The only difference between these two categories is whether the receiver is battery-powered or plugs into a wall outlet.  Other than that, the functionality is the same.
  • Battery-operated door chime kits usually operate using C-sized or D-sized alkaline batteries.  The LRA-D1000 is battery-operated. However, a plug-in transformer is available for additional purchase.  Battery-operated chimes may be hung on the wall, while some models can sit on a desk or flat surface.
  • Plug-in chimes plug into a standard wall outlet.
  • An important note is that “most” brands are compatible with one another, regardless of whether they are plug-in or battery-operated.  The exception to this rule is the Honeywell brand, which has A, B, C, and D versions you need to consider.

I need a replacement part for an existing wireless chime product.

If you have an existing product, your choices are slightly more limiting.  First, determine the brand.  In most cases, you can purchase additional receivers, plugins, or battery-operated ones.  Older models have compatibility issues, so we encourage you to call us.

For example, if you have the Dimango, Carlon, or Lamson & Sessions brand names, the technology changed in 2000, making the older models non-compatible with the more recent models.

More About Different Wireless Chimes

Plugin Door Chime Models:

Installation is a snap with plug-in doorbell kits. Simply mount the push button transmitter to the outside door and plug the door chime receiver into a standard wall outlet. With most manufacturers, you can mix and match battery-powered and plug-in receivers.

Battery Operated Door Bell Models:

These chime kits typically contain a transmitter and a receiver. The difference between these kits and the plug-in versions is that batteries power the receivers in these doorbell kits.

Don’t let the fact that these are battery-powered worry you. Typically, the batteries will last 12-24 months, depending on usage and environmental factors. Battery operation allows you to mount these chimes higher on the wall and allows the manufacturer to design a more aesthetic design than seen in most plug-in models. As with the plug-in version, if you stay with a particular manufacturer, like Carlon, you can mix and match plug-in and battery-operated receivers.

Flashing Strobe Light Doorbell Products:

Whether you’re hard of hearing or need to hear a door chime in a loud area, our flashing wireless chimes are an inexpensive way to ensure you never miss a visitor to your door. We carry a line of products designed for residential and commercial use that are easy to install, maintain, and work great.

Plug-In Receivers: Plug it into a Wall Outlet

This category shows our “plug-in” wireless door chime products. These products are wireless from the transmitter (a.k.a. push button) to the receiver. The receivers in this category plug into a standard wall outlet.

Choosing the Right Wireless Doorbell
  • Do you need a particular brand for compatibility reasons?
  • What range do you need? (push button to receiver)
  • Do you need additional push buttons and receivers to expand the kit?
  • Cost
Do You Need A Particular Brand

Most products from the same manufacturer will be compatible, except for the Honeywell brand of door chimes. Honeywell brands are “A.B, C, D, or E” compatible. All other brands on this page are compatible with one another. If compatibility is not a factor, then choose the model you want to be based on other factors.

Wireless Range of Wireless Chimes & Wireless Doorbells

This is one of the most important factors when choosing your wireless doorbells & door chime. When the range of a product is listed on a website, it’s typically the published range the manufacturer provides. This wireless range is a typical “line of sight” in an unobstructed environment, meaning no interference.

Carlon and Dimango Wireless Door Chime Products

Many plug-in wireless door chimes in this category are the Carlon, Thomas and Betts cordless door chimes. If you are looking for the “Dimango” or “Lamson & Sessions” brands, they are now known as Carlon or Thomas and Betts. All the Wireless Doorbells from Dimango are compatible with Dimango doorbells, and most Dimango products work together. We also offer Dakota Alert, Safeguard Supply, Broan, and Honeywell wireless doorbell systems.

Please note: Most wireless door chime manufacturers make their products cross-compatible. A Carlon RC3253 receiver will work with all other wireless door chime products by Carlon. The Honeywell chimes listed on this site are also cross-compatible, allowing you to mix and match battery and plug-in operated models, as well as plug-in door alarms, door alarms, and plug-in door sensors.

Battery & Plugin Operated Door Chimes

ERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver 2
Battery Operated Door Chimes

Do you need a new doorbell but don’t want to run expensive wiring?  Maybe you have trouble hearing your existing chime? Using a battery operated wireless unit is something to consider.  Some folks have a negative view of wireless products like this, but more often than not, it’s because the products they have used in the past are of the highest quality. The products you find at most local hardware stores and the major box store retailers won’t have the features and power they need to operate effectively in your home or business.  Even some online stores will sell cheap models that are not effective. At 1800Doorbell, we’ve done an excellent job vetting products to ensure they do what they say they will do. Feel confident when you shop on our website based on our experience and the fact that we stand behind our products with a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Easy to set up and install wireless products allow for more mounting options
  • Most products play more than one melody or note, allowing you to add wireless buttons on other doors.
  • Easily add additional receivers to expand the listening range of your current system.
  • Many modern and beautiful styles to choose from
  • New technology means a more extended transmission range to ensure the product is reliable.
  • Battery draw is not as high as you would expect.  Most systems will work for 1-2 years before a battery change.